The Specialists in Tool Sharpeners
Guided Sharpening
For a tool to cut well, it's important that not only the cutting edge is sharp, but the cutting angle is correct to. Each of our sharpeners is designed for the particular tool and the built-in Location Guide takes the guesswork out of sharpening the blade correctly

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Cylinder Mower Sharpener 30cm (12") Cutting Width

Accurately re-sharpens cylinder mower blades to the correct angle. The result: a clean smooth cut to the lawn, with less mowing effort.

Rotary Mower Blade Sharpener

Re-sharpens all types of metal rotary blades to the correct angle for a clean, easier cut. Also re-edges spades, hoes, lawn edgers etc, making them easier to use.

Diamond Tool Sharpener

Three diamond sharpening surfaces – flat, ½ round and groove – put a razor-sharp edge on a wide range of tools

Shear & Scissor Sharpener

A good pair of sharp gardening shears is an essential tool for any avid gardener, however, if your shears are blunt then pruning, edging and shaping can become a frustrating experience due to the process taking much longer with often poorer results. Our shear sharpener is also perfect for sharpening household and garden scissors, however, it is not recommended for pinking shears due to the thick sawtoothed blades.

Drill Bit Sharpener

Accurately grinds correct tip angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges on: HSS, centre-point wood, flat wood, masonry incl. SDS-Plus. 3-13mm diameter drill bits.

Wetstone Water-Cooled Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener

Sharpens chisels & plane blades 10-60mm wide (3/8"- 2 3/8") incl. firmer, bevel edge and rebate chisels. 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º sharpening angles. The traditional leather strop removes any burr, for a razor sharp edge. FREE GIFT with this product

Knife and Scissor Sharpener

Re-sharpens knives, even large blunt kitchen knives, cleavers, choppers and mezzalunas. Also sharpens large and small scissors – left or right handed.

Secateurs, Pruners & Loppers Sharpener

As any keen gardener will tell you, if the tools are not right then the task becomes more difficult and this is certainly true with regard to secateurs, pruners and loppers. Knowing how to sharpen these tools is undoubtedly good knowledge to have.

Chainsaw Sharpening Kit (4.0mm 5/32")

This Kit restores a sharp new cutting edge to the cutters, with no need to remove the chain from the saw. Also sharpens the depth guides, necessary for correct performance.

4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener

Puts a sharp new edge on straight-edge loppers, grass hooks, pruning knives & weed knives.

Garden Tool Sharpening Kit

Garden Tool Sharpening Kit - for rotary mower blades, spades, lawn edgers, shears, scissors, secateurs, pruners & loppers

Sharpening Set - for shears, secateurs, pruners & loppers

Sharpens all types of tree pruners, loppers, shears, secateurs – straight & curved cutting edges; regular and long-handled shears, making them much easier to use