The Specialists in Tool Sharpeners
Guided Sharpening
For a tool to cut well, it's important that not only the cutting edge is sharp, but the cutting angle is correct to. Each of our sharpeners is designed for the particular tool and the built-in Location Guide takes the guesswork out of sharpening the blade correctly

Garden Tool Sharpeners

How to Sharpen Garden Tools

There are different ways to sharpen garden tools, including, a sharpening stone, whetstone and file, however, we believe that our range of sharpening tools offer the easiest, safest and best way to prolong the lifeĀ of your gardening eqipment. Our range of sharpeners covers, lawnmowers (cylinder and rotary), shears, secateurs, pruners, loppers and chainsaws. Click the images below to view each individual product.