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For a tool to cut well, it's important that not only the cutting edge is sharp, but the cutting angle is correct to. Each of our sharpeners is designed for the particular tool and the built-in Location Guide takes the guesswork out of sharpening the blade correctly

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Drill Bit Sharpener

Accurately grinds correct tip angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges on: HSS, centre-point wood, flat wood, masonry incl. SDS-Plus. 3-13mm diameter drill bits.
Product Code: MS2001

  • Accurately grinds correct tip angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges on these bits:
  • HSS
  • centre-point (brad-point) wood
  • flat wood
  • masonry incl. SDS-Plus
  • 3-13mm diameter
  • Accuracy: The grinding jig has all the angles for correct tip geometry built in. It positions each type of bit over the wheels to give the correct tip and relief angles. Unique cam action ensures correct tip rake and chisel edge.
  • Great Value: Extends drill bit life for years, and saves money. The high quality aluminium oxide and silicon carbide wheels sharpen at least 150 HSS/wood bits and 75 masonry/SDS-Plus bits based on 6.5mm (¼”) diameter size - replacement wheels available.
  • Tool Sharpening: Re-edges and re-points a whole range of small tools, including carbide-tipped. Makes them easier to use, and extends tool life. Also useful as a mini bench grinder.
  • Fits any domestic power drill, incl. cordless.
  • Full step by step instructions included.
  • Please Note: This product is sent out in a strong plain box, which doubles as useful storage for the product parts.

Recommended by Practical Householder magazine

Value for money4 out of five rating
Performance4 out of five rating
Recommended by Good Woodworking magazine Nov 2017

BSi Safety Approved



Replacement Abrasive Wheels available:
MS2002 Aluminium Oxide for wood & metal drill bits
MS2003 Silicon Carbide for masonry/SDS/flat woodbits/small tools